Terms of Use

We as Americans enjoy freedoms that some people in this world only dream of. The very first amendment in our country’s constitution ensures the people’s right to expressing their ideas and beliefs verbally is protected from restriction by the government.

I fully understand the rights outlined in the constitution ONLY protect us from the government, not other citizens. I am licensed by the government and I operate our systems in accordance with the government’s regulations. I also will not restrict, in any way shape or form, speech on our radio systems except in the limited circumstances below. If you don’t like what is being said, tune to a different frequency. I will not restrict conversation or speech involving anything that is not unlawful.


The communications that WILL NOT be tolerated are those that constitute “hate speech” or any communications in violation of 47 CFR 97.113


If any user of our systems overhears communications like this, I ask that you report it to Drew, Frank, or myself. By using any radio system operated by the Walton County Repeater Group INC. you accept these terms and further accept that all repeater traffic is subject to recording, re-transmission, and distribution on the internet.