Good Hope Poppy Festival

Submitted by Keith Dougherty on Sat, 08/05/2017 - 11:03
Good Hope Poppy Fest Logo

The Good Hope Poppy Festival provides a fun fall day for residents and friends from neighboring counties in downtown Good Hope, Georgia. The Poppy Festival honors the Poppy Lady, Moina Michael, born in Good Hope in 1869. Moina Michael used the red corn poppy as a symbol to honor fallen troops in WWI. The tradition continues today to honor fallen servicemen worldwide.

 9:00  Festival opens: Good Hope City Hall

10:00  Bike Ride - Good Hope Christian Church

10:30  Presentation of Colors - ROTC, National Anthem - TBD - Main Stage

11:00  Moina Michael History: (inside City Hall)

12:00  Miss Poppy Presentation / Thank Our Vets! Ruark Sisters (TBD) - Main Stage

 2:00  Moina Michael History: (inside City Hall)

 4:00  Festival closes